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    Kids Programs in Architecture Inspired by Nature

  • Specifically designed

    for elementary school-age children

  • Developing practical skills

    in architecture

  • Building soft skills

    through enquiry, team work and presentations by children

  • Enhancing vocabulary

    by identifying architectural tools, techniques and elements

An architect is the drawer of dreams.

– Grace McGarvie

bBlooom is the first and the only Canadian organization to focus on providing after-school programs in architecture for children in Kindergarten to Grade 7.

Unique Curriculum

Children who take our programs learn to develop a sense of aesthetics and functionality while applying the tools and techniques of architecture. These can include contour and plane, gesture drawing, plan, section, proportion and scale, and perspective and space. In addition, geometric form, structure, spatial relationships and certain math concepts are explored by drawing and model-making of a variety of architectural structures.

Skills Development

Our program doesn’t only focus on the development of skills in applied architecture. It also incorporates the enhancement of soft skills such as communication, presentation-giving, team work and collaboration.
Through the multidisciplinary subject of architecture, we teach children Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) in an interactive way by encouraging creativity, imagination and non-standard approaches to dealing with challenges.

Design Thinking

With design thinking skills, children learn how to bring their imaginations to life in a concrete and useful way. We believe the design thinking process nurtures independent thinkers with the ability to create, not just appreciate. When kids in our program draw in plan, elevation and perspective, they are developing skills that can not only inspire, but possibly shape their future professions. And no, architecture is not the only that architecture teaches!

Let children be.

Let children bloom.

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